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Ever since the bot uprising, SMEs have started investing in innovative solutions for better productivity in an optimal cost. Customer services, on all fronts, require a human being. However, 90% of the time that human is doing nothing but following some standard procedures to get things done.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, there are many areas where you do not need a task force of humans but just one person supervising the bots. One of those areas is Appointment Booking with a Doctor.

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Enhance your business with Custom Computer Vision in Bots

Computer Vision (CV) is one of those APIs which is considered as the essence of Cognitive Services. It provides state-of-the-art image processing algorithms help you moderate content automatically and build more personalized apps by returning smart insights about faces, images, and emotions.

I will be writing more about all the facets individually with appropriate and best-selling use-cases in upcoming posts. Meanwhile, you can have a look at my recent post on Chatbots Magazine which covers an overview of most of the Cognitive Services.

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Bot Framework Dialogs

I am still in a delusion of finalizing this blog and how a reader would react towards it but anyway, there I go!

First of all, you’re most welcome here.

This new and improved blog is all about the business, development tactics, techniques, use cases and fun over Cognitive Services, Bots and Machine Learning. I hope some of them would really be helpful for developers who are trying to achieve some unique, exceptional and innovative solutions of some distinctive problems.

TL;DR: I’ve been working on bots which address some unique features of onboarding customers for banking products, creating leads in CRM and verification of required documents using Cognitive Services. Lately, I came across to a proposition of combining all of the goodness into one bot and there came a challenge of integrating everything into one multipurpose bot while keeping our code organized enough so it doesn’t become spaghetti with the velocity of scope change.

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